Our wallpaper is printed on a polyester peel & stick, removable, reposition-able media. It includes one-of-a-kind features such as the ability to bleed to the edges and not curl, handle extreme temperature changes and be removed years later without damaging the material or wall. Its dependable adhesive can be removed and reused multiple times without any alteration or loss of stick ability.

Wallpaper will allow you to create a statement wall quickly and easily.

Our Wallpaper is:

  • Non-toxic
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to apply
  • Won’t shrink, rip or wrinkle
  • Polyester fabric
  • Installation Instructions Included
  • Removable easy hang self- adhesive
  • Matte Finish
  • Easy to remove without causing wall damage


Our wallpaper will come as pre-cut single panels.

How many panels will I receive?

  • 1.5 meters = 1 panels
  • 3 meters = 2 panels
  • 4.5 meters = 3 panels
  • 6 meters = 4 panels
  • 7.5 meters = 5 panels
  • 9 meters = 6 panels

Simply measure out your space, then select the size from the drop-down menu. If you have a larger or smaller sized space, please let us know prior to ordering so we can customise your panels. 

If you need help with measurements or have any questions about the designs, we are always here to help.

*Please note that styled images are for display purposes only. We have made these as accurate as possible, but some image scale may differ slightly to shown.


There is no need for any fancy equipment or hiring a professional.

If your wall has recently been painted it is important to allow up to 30 days when applying your wallpaper as bubbles and failure for the adhesive to stick can occur if the paint is still outgassing.

Walls must be smooth as the easy hang self -adhesive will not adhere to textured surfaces eg brick wall or rough concrete.

Fill any holes and remove any hooks, give the wall a wipe down with a damp cloth to remove any dust particles as they can cause air bubbles.

You will need a ladder, a sharp Stanley knife, measuring tape, a cloth and in some cases a trusty assistant.

To begin application just peel the backing paper by 20cm and crease paper.

Align the first panel at your desired starting point – the first panel is the most important panel, you must line it up correctly as if it is not square with the wall it will affect lining up any subsequent panels. Starting from the far left hand side of your wall, moving left to right , top to bottom.

Press down on the panel applying pressure from the middle to the outside edges using firm pressure , this method works best It is ok to peel the panel back to release any bubbles. Your wallpaper can be repositioned several times although it may become less effective in adhering to your surface if too much dust, dirt or fibres become collected on the surface.

Bubbles can be easily removed by light rubbing and light pressure or in some cases piercing the bubble with a pin then smoothing it out in a circular motion with a clean cloth.

Finally use a sharp blade to trim any excess from the base and sides of the wall, make sure you use a new blade.


Products are made to order – once an order has been placed it cannot be changed or cancelled, nor refunded.

No exchanges or refunds unless goods have been damaged in transit. Photographic evidence will need to be supplied within 48 hours of receipt of goods. Returns are assessed on case by case basis.

No exchanges or refunds if goods are damaged in the hanging process.


Please note that, while Love Your Space's Peel and Stick wallpaper has been rigorously tested, and is designed to withstand general residential and light commercial applications, we cannot guarantee that under any and all circumstances the material will stay completely in-tact and/or that no adhesive will remain on the surface once it has been removed, or that your surface will not adhere to it. The actual performance life and removal of your wallpaper will depend on a variety of factors, including preparation of the walls, the age and type of paint used on your walls, angle and direction of exposure to excessive heat and light, application methods, environmental conditions and cleaning/maintenance of the wallpaper. In case of the wallpaper being used in areas of high temperatures or humidity, high altitudes, and industrially polluted areas the performance will be further reduced.

Choking hazard: Wallpaper is not a toy, full adult supervision is required.